Supporting a fishing company on competition matters

22 June 2022

Handling competition issues when supporting a number of big transactions to invest in fishing companies

Developing an effective strategy to mitigate competition risks identified during comprehensive due diligence of nine fishing companies that had fishing quotas and over a dozen of trawlers, which allowed the client to reduce the purchase price of the target companies and avoid possible adverse consequences (administrative sanctions, additional payments etc.).

Litigation support to challenge allegations that the client was controlled by a foreign investor

Defending a company in court against the competition regulator’s claims that a foreign investor had obtained control over the company before it received fishing quotas, which gives the authorities the right to terminate the quotas. As a result, in the second litigation round the client and the Federal Antimonopoly Service decided to enter into a settlement agreement on conditions favourable for our client. Under the agreement, the Federal Antimonopoly Service acknowledges that the foreign investor does not control the company and there are no grounds to terminate the fishing quotas.
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