Legal support for two stages of an acquisition of a tyre company

21 June 2022

Corporate lawyers of FBK Legal together with a Czech partner, Havel Holasek Law Firm, assisted the client in supporting an acquisition of a tyre business by a large European company manufacturing car components and spare parts.

Our team supported the Russian part of the transaction involving a stage-by-stage acquisition of a company with interim joint management of the company until the full buyout of 100% participatory interest in the company.

Due diligence of the target company, analysis of the transaction structure and preparation of the documents planned to be concluded within the first stage of the transaction structure, including agreements for sale and purchase of a part of the participatory interest; required corporate documents for partial acquisition of the company.

Preparation of detailed recommendations for the company planning to enter the Russian market on a possibility to participate and a procedure for participation in bidding for the supply of products (taking into account sanctions restrictions as well).

Legal support for an acquisition of another 30% of the company’s participatory interests: preparation of all required documents, check of the transaction for compliance with the Russian antitrust legislation, and closing of the second transaction.

Thus, the European company became a majority member in the Russian company
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