Representation of a company in a dispute over recovery of losses

21 June 2022

Representation of the client in a dispute over recovery of losses

During gas production, the client also obtains associated gas, which it sells to other companies. About two years ago, our client refused to conclude a contract for sale of associated gas with a company. After some time, this company proved in court that its rights had been violated; after the court had rendered a decision in its favour, the contract between our client and this company was concluded.

However, in September 2019, the company filed a claim for RUB 1.8 billion as a compensation for losses that arose during three years while this company could not conclude a contract.

The lawyers of FBK Legal represented the defendant in this dispute. In March 2020, the court of first instance rendered a decision in favour of our client and dismissed the claim in full. The court of appeal and the court of cassation upheld the decision and the claimant’s appeal was dismissed. The Supreme Court of Russia refused to refer the cassation appeal for consideration. Our lawyers proved in court that our client was not responsible for the years when the other company had not been its contractual partner.
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