Protection of interests in a case on recovery of losses from a debtor controlling person

21 June 2022

An international association brings together real estate professionals worldwide. A partnership is a Russian company that acts as a link between those representatives of the Russian business who want to join the international association and the association itself.

The partnership collected contributions in Russia for an international company and cooperated with it under an agreement for organisation of an international conference in Moscow in 2019.

Each year, the international association organises a conference that brings together delegations from all over the world. At the request of the Russian organisation, in 2019 the association decided to hold this event in Moscow. The Russian partnership undertook to organise the conference but failed to do it. The international association had to hold the event urgently on its own and to bear the organisational costs.

The Russian company was declared bankrupt and is now in bankruptcy proceedings. The bankruptcy receiver decided to file a claim against our client for recovery of losses related to the organisation of the conference. The lawyers of FBK Legal analysed the facts of the case and prepared a position for the defence of the international company in court.

We successfully protected the client’s interests, and the courts agreed with our position and rendered decisions in favour of the international company.
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