Successful representation of a company in a series of court disputes

21 June 2022

Successful representation of a company in a series of court disputes over land legislation and a number of related cases, including:

–        On restoration of the fertility of a land plot, within which numerous claims of the parties are considered: for recovery of compensation for failure to execute the judicial act within a reasonable time, for change in the procedure and method for execution of the court decision, for explanation of the decision, for deferral of execution, for suspension of execution, and for revision of the court decision;

–        Upon a claim of the lessee of the land plot, through which the trunk gas pipeline goes, for recovery of loss of profit in the amount of RUB 147 million;

–        Upon the lessee’s claim for establishment of boundaries of the disputed land plot;

–        Two disputes upon the lessee’s claims (against the company and the administration of the region, which approved such construction) for demolition of the gas pipeline;

–        Upon the lessee’s claim against Rosreestr (Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastral Records and Cartography) for incorrect registration of the facility built by the company;

–        In connection with the consideration of the application for a change in the method of execution of the court decision as submitted by the client’s counterparty;

–        On an economic dispute with a contractor in connection with performance of a contractor agreement.

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