Defence in disputes under agreements with government customers

21 June 2022

Representation of a company in a commercial court in a dispute with the State Unitary Enterprise over recovery of a debt and interest under a services contract

Subject matter of the dispute: the client concluded several agreements with government customers. In two court disputes, the client’s counterparty was the claimant and tried to recover its payments made to the client (defendant). In the subsequent case, the counterparty refused to pay for the services provided and the client turned to FBK Legal for debt recovery through court. The difficulty of this case was to confirm the scope and quality of the services since the counterparty claimed that the services had not been provided. Moreover, no services acceptance certificates had been signed by the customer, for which reason the actual provision of services should have been proved by other means. In all cases, the court rendered a decision in favour of the client satisfying our claims in full and dismissing the counterparty’s claims.

All three cases were won by lawyers of FBK Legal.

Counterparty: a government customer.

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