HR audit and representation of an international pharmaceutical company in employment disputes

23 June 2022

HR audit. Legal support of an HR audit, settlement of conflicts with dismissed employees, preparation of regulations on new employment agreements and adjustment of existing ones.

Representing the company in employment disputes and legal support on work arrangement. Representing the company in employment disputes with its employees and legal support on work arrangement and discipline matters. All conflicts between management and personnel were settled through a pre-trial process on mutually beneficial terms.

A layoff due to the liquidation of the company’s representative office in Mongolia. Settling issues, including corporate, employment and administrative ones during the liquidation of an office in Mongolia as a result of a merger of big international pharmaceutical companies: developing a negotiation scheme, reaching a compromise with over 20 employees over payments, obtaining approval from competent authorities; analysing nuances of the Mongolian employment legislation and developing agreements to terminate employment of top management and the other employees of the liquidated company.

Developing an effective legal mechanism for staff optimisation. Issuing a legal opinion with a detailed description of applicable procedures, conditions and amounts of compensation to dismissed employees, potential risks and the ways to avoid them. Based on our advice, the client managed to select the optimal option for its business and lay off its employees in compliance with the law.
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