Legal support for localization of production

23 June 2022

Legal support for the conclusion of a localization agreement with an American ophthalmic company Legal support of a Russian manufacturer of premium-class intraocular lenses in the course of concluding a master agreement on localization of production of intraocular lenses (artificial eye lenses) used in cataract treatment, including:

  • checking the terms and conditions of the agreement for compliance with the interests of the client and the legislation of the Russian Federation;

  • participating in negotiations with the American company and its affiliated entities;

  • adjusting the terms of the agreement based on the results of the negotiations;

  • assisting in solving other legal issues related to the conclusion of such an agreement.

The production of the first intraocular lenses in Russia was launched at a Russian plant in 2019. Thus, our client's counterparty was the first foreign company to localize the production of innovative medical products for surgical ophthalmology in Russia. The localization of production was a part of a long-term programme to make innovative surgical care in ophthalmology more accessible for Russian patients.
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