Evaluation of payments based on regional coefficients

23 June 2022

The company's medical representatives work in various regions and the company pays them salaries with a certain regional coefficient. The Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation was checking the correctness of the company's payment of insurance contributions and had doubts as to the validity of the selected coefficients and the amount of payments based on the relevant coefficients.

FBK Legal lawyers analysed such payments for various situations, assessed which regional coefficients had to be applied and prepared explanations for the Social Insurance Fund.

We performed complicated legal work, because regional coefficients are subject a large number of regional and local acts, which are not always correlated and often do not correspond to the federal legislation. In addition, there are still a number of effective Soviet regulations, which are now difficult to apply.

It was important to understand the conflicting legal regulations, to give the client reliable advice on how to calculate employee wages and to prepare objections to the arguments made by the Social Insurance Fund, which were partially ungrounded.
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