Evgeniy Gallyamov

Evgeniy Gallyamov is a Legal Adviser, Attorney at FBK Legal.

He specializes in consulting and litigation support for large companies and private investors in the field of real estate, bankruptcy, sanctions regulation.

Evgeniy has extensive experience in legal representation, development of procedural positions, coordination and complex management of projects involving many concurrent litigation disputes.


Industry specialization
Construction / Real estate / Development
Private clients
Investment activities

Legal specialization
  • Representation of interests in executive authorities and courts
  • Bankruptcy
  • Corporate law
  • Due diligence
  • Commercial practice


Russian State University of Justice (Bachelor's degree)
St. Petersburg State University (Master's degree)

Major projects

  • advising the management of a large airport on the strategy of behavior in a corporate conflict

  • supporting the current activities of one of the largest logistics centers in the North-West region

  • protecting the interests of the owner of office space worth 400 mln rubles in disputes with tenants, in particular, with a large grocery retail chain

  • advising one of the largest state-owned enterprises in the industry on the issues of sanctions risks and sanctions regulation

  • representing the interests of a controlling person in a case on its subsidiary liability for 93 mln rubles.

  • supporting in a litigation on the quality of an apartment built within the framework of the DDU at the cost of 100 mln rubles in elite residential complex

  • protection of the principal's building in the center of St. Petersburg from loss of control as a part of the bankruptcy procedure

  • advising a large investment holding on the termination of a long-term lease contract for a land plot with a lease payment of 635 mln rubles in 2006 in court

  • supporting a large investor in restoring the rights to a land plot in Moscow leased from the DUP for development

  • analysis of the improvements’ tax risks made in the amount of 100 mln rubles in the building of a former plant adapted for a mining farm

  • protecting the interests of minority shareholders of a company that manages more than 130 filling stations in a corporate conflict with a majority shareholder

  • supporting a transaction for the alienation of immovable assets of a tractor manufacturer worth 400 mln rubles

  • supporting the bankruptcy of a major car dealer in the North-West region on the side of the creditor



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