Restructuring / Insolvency

FBK Legal provides services related to all bankruptcy stages and represents all parties involved.
Protection the creditors’ rights
  • Assessing legal grounds to initiate a counterparty's bankruptcy proceedings, submitting a bankruptcy petition against a counterparty
  • Legal support for the appointment of an insolvency manager and related legal advice
  • Support related to the inclusion of creditors' claims in the creditors' register
  • Preventing false claims from being included in the register
  • Challenging transactions made by the debtors under general and special grounds provided for by the Insolvency Law
  • Developing a bankruptcy action plan and approaches to voting at meetings of bankruptcy creditors
  • Representing creditors at meetings of creditors and before the creditors' committee
  • Appealing against actions of the insolvency manager, recovering damages from the insolvency manager, penalising the insolvency manager under administrative law
  • Imposing subsidiary liability
Protecting the debtor's rights
  • Developing a pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy action plan
  • Analysing the debtor’s transactions and documents, mitigating risks of challenge and subsidiary liability
  • Defending the debtor's transactions if challenged by creditors and/or the insolvency manager
  • Defending management in claims for damages and subsidiary liability
  • Preparation of the register of creditors' claims
  • Holding meetings of bankruptcy creditors
  • Development and approval of settlement agreements
Supporting the insolvency manager
  • Challenging claims of dishonest creditors
  • Collecting accounts receivable
  • Forced sale of pledged property
  • Collecting debts from guarantors
  • Assessing the possibility of imposing subsidiary liability on those who caused the debtor’s bankruptcy


Support for debt recovery from dealers of a Japanese two-wheeled motor vehicles manufacturer
Representation in a number of judicial disputes within debt recovery and bankruptcy of dealers
Legal representation of a large investment company
Successful protection of a company’s interests in a number of bankruptcy cases
Protection of interests in a case on recovery of losses from a debtor controlling person
Legal representation in a claim of the bankruptcy receiver against our client for recovery of the losses related to the organisation of a conference
Legal support during debtor bankruptcy proceedings
Representing a creditor in two bankruptcy proceedings of its debtors
Due diligence of a company in bankruptcy and support of its discharge from bankruptcy
Comprehensive legal and financial due diligence of a company in bankruptcy that owns a wide network of gas filling stations
Litigation support in a subsidiary liability case
Legal support for owners of a construction group
Supporting bankruptcies of pharmaceutical distributors
Representing the client at all bankruptcy stages
Reviewing contracts of a bank in bankruptcy
Checking a contribution to the charter capital and property of a bank under rehabilitation
Support in bringing a former director to subsidiary liability
Recovery of damages and making a former director liable for the company’s debts
Representing a former shareholder in a subsidiary liability case
Developing a strategy and successful litigation support
Supporting bankruptcy proceedings
Identifying debtors’ assets, transactions that may be challenged, ways to increase bankruptcy assets
Analysing the situation related to a counterparty’s bankruptcy
Analysing how to obtain results of works performed
Research: Improvement of Russian Legislation Related to Taxation in Bankruptcy
Preparing concepts and drafts of regulations



Corporate insolvency & restructuring report 2021: Russia
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