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FBK Legal arm to take part in the St Petersburg Legal Forum

Galina Akchurina, Director of Tax Litigation Department and other two lawyers from the same department Alexander Grigoriev and Mikhail Golovanev will take part in a round table discussion “Stability of tax legal arrangements as a pre-requisite for further development of entrepreneurship in Russia” to be held as part of the annual St Petersburg International Legal Forum.

The guest speakers from FBK will dwell on the developments in tax legislation in 2016, adjusting tax strategy to economic recession environment, changing of approaches towards interpreting tax norms and regulations at a time of financial crisis, government’s responsible attitude towards its own approaches to tax assessment and payment, and a number of other acute issues which cannot be overestimated in the Russian entrepreneur community.
The debates will bring together officials from the MoF, the FTS, the State Duma, “Delovaya Rossiya”, a non-governmental organization, and business community people.
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