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2017: latest developments in tax, tax legislation and tax law enforcement

On 8 February 2017 the leading experts of FBK Grant Thornton and lawyers of its legal arm FBK Legal will team up to hold a business breakfast event for their clients. The speakers will focus on the latest most important developments in tax sector, up-to-date commentaries of the regulatory authorities with respect to tax payment and insurance contributions, latest trends in tax administration and tax litigation, and international standards on auditing applied in the territory of Russia.

The panel includes:
  • Ekaterina Lashchinina, Manager at Audit Methodology Department;
  • Tatiana Matveicheva, Head of Tax consulting practice;
  • Ekaterina Golubeva, Alesya Khomich, Natalya Ryabova lawyers of tax consulting practice;
  • Alexey Anishchenko, Senior manager of Financial advisory department;
  • Alexander Grigoryev, Manager of Tax litigation practice;
  • Mikhail Golovanev, Manager of Tax litigation practice.
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