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FBK Legal orchestrates the Kutafin Litigation Skills Challenge in antitrust law

Kutafin Moscow State Law Academy will be holding the National Litigation Skills Challenge Public Speaking competition “Kutafin Litigation Skills Challenge” on 8 April 2017. The competition aims to further develop the participants’ practical skills of preparing, presenting and defending the lawyer’s legal position in court.

Face-to-face duels will see the counterparts demonstrating their public speaking skills and the ability to keep to their standpoints, the level of sophistication, and the ability to take on board the immediate circumstances.

The panel of arbitrators will include experts from leading law firms. Antitrust law section debates will be orchestrated by FBK Legal.

The competition will also see the participants taking part in the debates on civil and corporate, criminal and international private law.

The competition’s top prize is an opportunity to gain work experience in the firms which administer the event.

Go ahead and get registered before 25.03.2017.
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