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FBK Legal Participates in SibLegalWeek2017


FBK Legal lawyers Alexander Ermolenko, Elena Shigidina and Alexandra Susarova have participated in SibLegalWeek2017 “Dialogue between Power and Business: Obstacles and Opportunities” held in Novosibirsk.

FBK Legal Partner Alexander Ermolenko has moderated the roundtable discussion about partnership in legal business. “Currently,” he said, “relationships between business partners are key for development of the legal market in Russia. It is impossible for a law firm to grow to one thousand employees if it is managed by one person. And vice versa, even if a firm has three hundred partners, it makes no sense to expect growth unless they come to an agreement.”

During the SibLegalWeek corporate session Elena Shigidina, Head of Corporate Practice, spoke about determination of the fair market value of membership interest in a limited liability company. She said, “The formula used to determine the fair market value of membership interest stipulated in the Law on Limited Liability Companies does not take into account the scope of rights granted by this interest. We discussed with the participants of the session a possibility to use participation rate which may reduce or increase the value.”

SibLegalWeek has been held for three years and united legal communities from different Russian cities and towns. Judges, representatives of state authorities and legal practitioners take part in the event. SibLegalWeek includes improvised judicial duels between students, focus group discussions on legal technology issues and panel discussions on relevant legal matters.

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