Irina Fedoskina

Irina has worked in tax, civil and labour law since 2007.


  • support of companies during tax audits and before them, representation of taxpayers at the pretrial and trail stages in order to appeal against tax audit findings, actions or omissions by tax authorities;
  • support during disputes in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction;
  • consulting on deal structuring, establishment of business structures;
  • analysis of deals and business transactions for tax implications and tax risks, analysis of organisational structures, tax due diligence;
  • development of accounting methods for taxation purposes, tax accounting set-up.


Industry specialization
Retail / FMCG
Pharmaceuticals, healthcare
Mining and metallurgy

Legal specialization
  • Support during tax disputes and tax audits
  • Pretrial and trial representation of taxpayers
  • Deal tax structuring
  • Tax consulting and due diligence


Academic Institute of Law under the Institute of State and Law of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Faculty of Law
All-Russian State Tax Academy of the Russian Ministry of Finance, degree in tax and taxation (a special department of the faculty of law)

    Major projects:

  • successful challenging of taxes charged on intercompany financing transactions in arbitration courts of three instances;
  • successful support of a taxpayer during the pre-audit period to avoid additionally charged taxes and an on-site tax audit, including in respect of intercompany transactions and allegedly fraudulent counterparties;
  • representing a taxpayer during the preparation of objections to on-site tax audit findings, additional tax control procedures, review of tax audit documents due to additionally charged property tax as a result of equipment classification as real estate;
  • support of document flow arrangement at a management company that acted as the sole executive body and provided related intercompany services;
  • representing a taxpayer during an on-site tax audit, additional tax control procedures, preparation and consideration of objections to tax audit findings that included claims of formal document flow and use of sham companies to supply agricultural products (VAT);
  • representing a taxpayer to challenge on-site tax audit findings about unjustified tax benefits and expense recognition when preparing objections to the findings and reviewing on-site tax audit documents, the pretrial and trial stages of appealing against the decision made by the tax authority with gradual elimination of tax claims at each stage;
  • development and justification for tax authorities of a VAT deduction calculation method for sales of goods, works and services taxable at 0%, 18% and those exempt from VAT; 
  • tax due diligence, identification of risks and overpaid taxes related to a partnership contract, settlements with employees, recognition of VAT deductions in respect of construction activities.


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