Irina Pimenova

Irina Pimenova is a Senior Expert at FBK Legal Tax Consulting Practice.

Irina's work experience in the field of audit, accounting, taxes and law has been developing since 1998.

Irina specializes in calculating the tax burden and analyzing tax risks when planning new business lines for companies, drafting accounting policies for organizations and holdings for tax purposes.

She has significant experience in advising clients on accounting and taxation issues, drafting internal regulatory documents.


Industry specialization
Mining and metallurgy
Chemicals and petrochemicals
Industrial production and engineering
Energy and natural resources
Pharmaceuticals, healthcare

Legal specialization
  • Tax and accounting consulting
  • Tax audit


State University of Management, accounting and audit

Major projects

  • Tax due diligence of the activities of a subsidiary and a branch of a foreign company located in Russia.

  • Drafting methodology for calculating the MET for gas and gas condensate.

  • Drafting an instruction on the procedure for calculating the tax on the extraction of solid minerals, in relation to the working conditions of a potash industrial plant.

  • Drafting an accounting policy for the purposes of a leasing company tax accounting.

  • Drafting the financial and economic substantiation for the acquisition of group companies in terms of tax consequences and risks.

  • Drafting the financial and economic substantiation of a new contractual scheme for a transport company: analysis and description of tax consequences for the proposed contractual schemes.

  • Analysis of the agreement terms for the implementation of maintenance for the possibility of applying the VAT exemption in relation to the funds received as payment under the agreement.

  • Analysis for compliance with the current legislation of the procedure for calculating, deducting VAT from advances and issuing invoices upon receipt (transfer) of an advance payment approved by the company.

  • Analysis of the agreement terms for the supply of materials with a view to reflecting transactions in accounting in terms of the tax legislation of the Russian Federation.

  • Tax consulting for such clients as Herbalife, Rigla, Valenta Pharm, Tarkett, Knauf, FANUC, The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts.



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