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FBK Legal at the Conference on Legal Support Market


Alesya Homich, Lead Expert of Tax Consulting Practice at FBK Legal, has spoken at the conference titled “Modernisation of Qualified Legal Support Market: Reform Priorities”. The event took place on 7 December under the auspices of St. Petersburg International Legal Forum organized with the support of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.

The conference addressed primary areas for improvement of the legal services market and operation of foreign law firms in Russia.

When speaking at the session dedicated to optimisation of tax regime for advocates and bar associations, Alesya Homich pointed out that new tax mechanisms were required as the current taxation system drawn based on the assumption that advocacy was not an entrepreneurial activity and lawyers were not allowed to work under employment agreements did not cover the structure of legal relationships provided by the Concept.

“Changes in tax laws should not only create favourable conditions for transition of active law firms to bar associations and transformation of bar associations into commercial firms, but also eliminate inaccurate provisions of tax laws,” the expert said.

The Concept for Regulation of Professional Legal Support Market is a draft document developed by the Ministry of Justice of Russia aimed at enhanced protection of rights and legal interests of citizens and organisations, as well as at resolution of problems which prevent people from efficient enforcement of their constitutional rights for access to justice granted to them as humans and citizens. 

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