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Teaching Manual on Urban Studies Published With Support of FBK Legal


The book titled “Urban Conflicts Resolution” by Ivan Medvedev was published with the support of FBK Legal.

This monograph is a manual for those who study and give lectures on urban planning. It will also be useful for non-specialists who are interested in urbanism and conflicts which arise in modern cities.

The manual addresses both principal theoretical concepts related to urban conflicts and fundamental propositions of legal doctrine, as well as legal precedents, mass media news and cases of actual urban conflicts which students need to resolve.

This is a book for people of the future who will read it and will start thinking how to make it better and will create the world where an urban conflict is a trigger and at the same time a way to improve something together. Everything can be settled, you just need not to be lazy to act. Act for yourself, said FBK Legal Partner Alexander Ermolenko.

Ivan Medvedev is a candidate of legal sciences and an associate professor at Vysolovsky Graduate School of Urbanism of the National Research University Higher School of Economics. He teaches an original course titled Theory and Practice of Dispute Resolution in Urban Planning.