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FBK Legal Attorney at Law Holds Workshop for MSU Students


Dmitry Paramonov, the Attorney at Law and the Head of International Taxation Practice at FBK Legal, has held a workshop for MSU students titled “Offshore companies: Tax and Legal Prospects of Further Use” within the framework of the MSU Legal Case Club.

Dmitry Paramonov said that offshore companies had been and continued to be a popular instrument both in Russia and abroad. “However, rules are changing, the world is becoming open and it is more and more difficult to use offshore companies to evade taxes or “hide” beneficial owners. But from a commercial perspective it is convenient and common for global business to use them. And a modern lawyer has to be familiar with that,” Dmitry Paramonov said.

The Moscow State University Legal Case Club is a student initiative implemented with the support of the Faculty of Law of the Lomonosov Moscow State University and aimed at using the knowledge obtained during education in practice.

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