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FBK Legal Takes Part in Sportflot Home Race


FBK Legal Senior Lawyer Elizaveta Kapustina has taken part in a sailing regatta arranged by the Sportflot club and dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the club.

11.06.2018 _3.jpg

“The weather was not on our side during the first race, there was no wind in the very beginning and the team started from a bad position,” said Elizaveta Kapustina. As a result, they came only fifth but managed to show their skills in the next race in which they came second.

11.06.2018 _2.jpg

“A strong desire for victory, teamwork skills and an ability to handle pressure – this is what is common for sailing races and litigations. Probably, that is why more and more lawyers and attorneys at law get into sailing. Active leisure activities fill you with positive energy and motivation, which are so important for consultants,” said Elizaveta Kapustina.

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