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FBK Legal at Kommersant’s Conference


Galina Akchurina, Partner and Head of the Tax Litigation Department at FBK Legal, has spoken at the conference titled “Q&As about Business: Life Hacks for Businessmen” that was arranged by the Kommersant publishing house.

Galina Akchurina explained that it is necessary to delve into taxation specifics and take into account common practices to build a business today. And it goes beyond issues dealt with by accounting and tax departments.

“Today to carry out business activities it is necessary to ensure proper business and deal structuring, take into account potential accusations in business splitting, abuse of rights, abuse of international conventions, accusations in groundless expenses and acting on behalf of third parties, reclassification of transactions etc.,” she said and used specific examples to show how to interact with fiscal authorities.

The conference brought together representatives of small and medium business, including owners and managers of companies, business development specialists, individual entrepreneurs and those only planning to start a business. Leading Russian experts from various fields shared their experience of interaction with tax authorities, nuances of building an efficient team, marketing and management life hacks. 

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