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FBK Legal’s Partner Participates in Tandemocracy Project at Skolkovo


Alexander Ermolenko, a Partner at FBK Legal, has given a speech to students of Tandemocracy, an educational programme at Skolkovo.  The project offers the tools required for fruitful cooperation and working in tandem.

Alexander Ermolenko explained partnership mechanisms in business. He though mentioned that efficient alliances are currently quite rare, almost unique, with all challenges arising from the business culture, rather than from the law, which allows for any type of relationships.

“Each businessman often wants to control everything, does not trust partners and suspects them of everything one can imagine. It is difficult to turn the situation around but it is still possible, though it requires a lot of time. In my opinion, we need to promote real life examples (there are not many of them but there are some) of partnership based on trust. And such projects as Tandemocracy helps to do that,” he said.  

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