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FBK Legal About Personal Data and Electronic Document Flow


FBK Legal’s lawyers have participated in an online conference titled “Major Issues Related to Personal Data and Electronic Document Flow in 2020”.

Valentina Polyakova, FBK Legal’s Senior Lawyer, explained which position is usually adopted by courts when parties to an agreement exchange electronic documents.

“We have seen once again that provisions of agreements are interpreted by courts depending on specific wording. In some cases, it is better not to lack certain provisions in the agreement than to have them. That is why it is important to be careful with the wording and understand the consequences of its application,” she said.

Angelina Balakina, FBK Legal’s Lawyer, dedicated her speech to administrative liability for violations of personal data laws, related court judgements and changes in the existing administrative laws. Administrative liability was tightened in 2017-2019, and regulators and individuals started to pay more attention to personal data. 

“Authorities are strengthening control over compliance with legal requirements. This is caused by many complaints from people to Roskomnadzor against actions or failures to act by companies that collect and process personal data,” Angelina Balakina said.

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