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FBK Legal About Tenant Rights


FBK Legal’s Senior Lawyer Elizaveta Kapustina has participated in a webinar dedicated to shopping malls after lockdown.

She spoke about tenant incentives granted by the law. This topic is particularly interesting for shopping centre landlords as it is common for tenants now to ask to defer, reduce payments, or allow for payment in instalments. Elizaveta explained which conditions should be met in that case and which matters require particular attention. She cited clarifications of the Supreme Court and gave examples from real-life court judgements.

“It is extremely important now to come to an agreement with tenants. If the dispute comes to trial, you never know whose side the court will take. For now, courts tend to favour tenants. However, we need to remember that only one party can win in a dispute, and it is possible to find a balance only in a contract,” Elizaveta Kapustina said.



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