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FBK Legal and MSU Masters’ Summer School


As part of the MSU Masters’ Summer School that traditionally gathers the best experts in various aspects of law, and lawyers from the top Russian and foreign law firms, Alexander Ermolenko, a Partner at FBK Legal, talked to law students about the demand for law in today’s Russia and about the benefits of a country governed by the rule of law.

“At the moment, to make a Russian billionaire file a lawsuit at a Russian court instead of an English one is like make them drive a Zhiguli instead of a Mercedes. But we need to do that, otherwise we will have neither decent courts, nor decent Zhigulis,” Alexander Ermolenko said.

Together with Alexander Molotnikov, an administrator of the Masters’ School, he arranged the Moscow Lawyers round table titled “How can a law faculty graduate find a job?” “Today’s demand for legal services allows broad-minded and flexible specialists look ahead with more confidence,” Alexander Ermolenko said.

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