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FBK Legal About Fake News and Fact Checking


Darya Tereshchenko, a Senior Lawyer at FBK Legal, in cooperation with the Centre for Media Practices under the Higher School of Economics has presented a course on new fact-checking technologies to protect internal and external communications from fake news, which will begin on 11 November. It will be helpful for executives and managers, internal and external communications specialists and all people who work with mass media.

During the online presentation, speakers explained why fact checking is important in today’s digital environment and why the spread of fake news is harmful. Darya Tereshchenko talked about legal aspects of fact checking, the adverse effects of posting unverified or someone else's content (including intellectual property that belongs to other people), the need to moderate content and the consequences of posting fake news and publications that infringe third party rights. She will share more detailed information about legal aspects of fact checking as part of the course at the Centre for Media Practices.

Course participants will learn how to identify fake news or misinformation, and evaluate to which extent they are dangerous for corporate or private interests. They will be taught how to protect internal and external communications from toxic and fake information, as well as about its adverse reputational, financial and legal consequences. The course will also help to make corporate or private fact-checking arrangements.

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