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FBK Legal at Online Tax Marathon


FBK Legal’s lawyers have participated in the Seventh Tax Online Marathon organised by CFO CAFE. Fintaxtop.

Alexander Grigoriev spoke about transition to tax monitoring and discussed the experience in such transition with the chief accountants of EPAM Systems and Monopoly. The dialogue between our expert and the clients helped the participants of the marathon to get first-hand evidence about transition projects.

Liliya Yulgusheva spoke about interest and dividend relief granted by double taxation treaties. The lawyer described how to apply double taxation treaties to reduce the tax rate for interest and dividends: which criteria are used to apply a reduced rate based on the OECD Model Convention, how to support your rights for tax credits under double taxation treaties in accordance with the Russian Tax Code and how to refund overwithheld tax based on an application from a foreign company.

Ekaterina Subbotina spoke about gratuitous and free-of-charge services and their tax implications. She named criteria for gratuitousness: consideration and prevailing interest (of the transferring or receiving party), its options and related issues. In addition, Ekaterina described risks associated with gratuitous services related to the contractual subject matter and price, advised what to take into consideration when both parties are exposed to risks of additional tax charges and explained the tax aspect of free-of-charge pre-installation.