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FBK Legal lawyers offer comprehensive services supporting business acquisition, asset sale (components of an asset), restructuring of corporate groups related transactions along with other M&A related services. We represent buying and selling parties, stock- and shareholders, as well as equity funds. read more >
FBK Legal specialists provide comprehensive range of corporate law services. We develop legal solutions tailored to business life cycle, specific commercial and management arrangements. Based on the analysis of legislative and regulatory compliance practices over the recent years we developed the following functional set of corporate law legal services. read more >


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    Russian Helicopters


Comprehensive legal support as part of the acquisition process by a corporate group of the major manufacturer and developer of unmanned aerial vehicles, flight simulators and on-board equipment, in particular, the comprehensive pre-sale due diligence, transaction structuring, developing methodology for verification of loans and guarantees, support during negotiations with the selling party. Value of the transaction — 4,8 billion roubles. hide
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Comprehensive legal support during reorganization of the Russian business of a corporate group and the Ukrainian business unit of a major global corporation with an annual revenue of more than $6 billion, which was under reorganization for two years with its purpose to establish a vertical management structure and improve the corporate management system on a global scale. In particular, resolving employment and corporate law related matters, including termination of employment relationships with the previous managing director/CEO and hiring a new one, developing the charter of the Russian company. hide
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Designing structure of business processes as part of a deposit development investment project carried out be a major Russian mining company, in particular, identifying optimal and profitable deposit development options with regard to the legal structure and licensing by setting up a separate subsidiary. An estimated amount of project investments — $300 million. hide
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Developing investment scheme as part of an international project involving construction of the gas fuelling station network across the whole Europe, including elaboration of legal, tax and financial matters. We carried out analysis of 20 countries, which potentially provided suitable conditions for incorporation of the central-office company. The amount of project investments exceeded the $1,1 billion mark. hide
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Legal support to Chinese and Russian investors over the course of incorporation of a railway-car building joint venture in the Russian Federation, which becomes one of the major components to the upcoming construction of the strategic high-speed railway line Moscow-Kazan. In particular, carrying out the benchmarking analysis of several regional constituencies of the Russian Federation involving tens of legal, economic, financial performance indicators to select the optimal construction site; developing the incorporation and financing framework of the joint venture under the contract. The total project value will exceed $21,5 billion. hide
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Legal support of a selling transaction of an electronic payment system by a leading Internet-company, in particular, preparing a detailed legal opinion on the matter of liabilities transfer in compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. hide
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Supporting the project on incorporation and registration of an Internet-bank in the Russian Federation at the request of the biggest Internet-company in the Russian segment of the Internet. hide
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Comprehensive legal support during the reorganization process of Rosnanotech Group during transformation in to an open joint-stock company. Among other matters we prepared draft documents including changes in to the legislation to retain all tax abatements with the new form of incorporation; in cooperation with Ministry of Finance and Public Pension Fund of the Russian Federation we developed detailed recommendations on the specified matters. All the changes introduced to the legislation have entered into force. hide
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Large-scale due diligence of three companies-debtors of a bank (research and analytical center, machinery plant and smelting works), including examining of 1200 real estate objects, 80 contracts, about 150 objects of intellectual property and above 120 proxies and due diligence of debtors’ daughter companies for the prevention of potential risks. Supporting of a deal to purchase one of the debtors. The total amount of assets in three companies – above $100 mln. hide
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Legal support or the additional issue of shares by an international pharmaceutical company – from the development of a necessary set of documents to the registration of the additional issue in the Bank of Russia and supporting the process on shares placement by subscription till the state registration of a report on the additional issue results. The additional issue allowed the company to attract investments amounting to 160 mln.Rubles. hide
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Legal support for the deal of a Russian investor to purchase a large oil company with $28.6 mln. worth assets and a license to explore a large deposit with 180 mln.tonnes of oil and 20 mln.m3 of gas in Western Siberia. hide
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Supporting the increase of the charter capital by $0.3 mln. in a Russian branch of an international corporation and legal support during a repeated change of general directors, introducing necessary alternations into the charter and revising contractual relations. hide
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