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Actavis, Alexion Pharma, Astellas, Herbalife, Ranbaxy, Sesderma, Xanter pharma, Zentiva, Sanofi, BIOCODEX, Katren, Megard Group (Microgene Pharma), PRO.MED.CS, Protec Group, Rigla, Pharmstandard.
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Legal support for additional shares issue for an international pharmaceutical company: from preparing a necessary set of documents required for registration of the decision on additional issue of shares with the Bank of Russia and closed subscription placement of shares before the state registration procedure of additional shares issue report is completed. Issuing additional shares will allow the company to attract 160 million roubles in investments. hide
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Developing a comprehensive tax policy for bonuses and discounts offered by the pharmaceutical company to its retailers, as well as drafting recommendation to protect company’s interests from tax authority claims.
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Preparing a comprehensive legal opinion for a pharmaceutical company, which is a foreign manufacturer of personal hygiene products and distributes them on the Russian market, decided to register its trademark in the Russian Federation, in particular, developing recommendations on changes to trademarks in order to increase chances for their successful registration with he Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents, and Trademarks (Rospatent). hide
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Legal support to a major pharmaceutical company in a pre-trial settlement of a dispute with its competitor, which is a manufacturer of a drug containing the same components and similar trade name as the company. A settlement agreement has been concluded, allowing to avoid payments of multimillion penalties and maintain own business reputation. hide
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Successful pre-trial representation of a major pharmacy retail network as part of a tax dispute based on the results of a field audit carried out by tax authorities, in particular, related to the incorrect interpretation of the definition “retail pharmacy business” by the tax authority along with additional tax amounts charged for providing discounts/bonuses to customers. The dispute has been completely resolved without legal proceedings. hide
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Successful defending at arbitrary courts one of the global pharmaceutical leading companies against which as part of tax audit complaints on underpayment of uniform social tax of were filed. Tax authorities have charged additional amounts of uniform social tax to charity payments and to payments not related to fulfilment of employment duties by the entity’s employees. The courts have agreed with the defence and determined complaints filed by the local tax authority to be invalid. hide
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Comprehensive legal support for the return of investments made by a large foreign pharmaceutical company and selling of the controlling share in a drug producing plant. hide
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Detailed analysis of an advertisement campaign for a drug of an international pharmaceutical company and assessment of related risks. hide
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Supporting $0.3 mln. increase of equity by a Russian branch of an international company working in a healthy life style sector, legal support during a repeated change of general directors, introduction of necessary changes into the charter and revision of contractual relations. hide
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Consulting an international pharmaceutical company on the importing of foreign drugs and beauty products, drafting a distributor agreement and analyzing the situation of view of risks related to the inclusion of a non-compete clause into the agreement to limit the number of distributors in Russia. hide
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Representing the interests of a leading Check pharmaceutical company during the dismissal of five top managers caught in the disclosure of confidential information. Investigating each case and evidencing the guilt of every person. All five withdrew their requirements and were fired. hide
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Successful court representation of a large pharmaceutical company in a complicated labor dispute under a claim to pay compensation filed by an ex-employee. After the court hearings, the claim was dismissed. hide
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