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  • Significant personal contribution and active involvement in the reorganization process


  • Commitment and dedication to the engagement, disruptive ideas


  • Appreciation for long-standing friendly relationships and support

    Pushkin State Museum of Fines Arts

  • Professional expertise, excellent working habits and outstanding tactful working manner



Working on improvement of the Russian legislation regulating the insurance sector to limit possibilities for dissipation of assets by insurance companies, in particular, developing proposals on improvement of internal compliance system and system of requirements to ensure financial soundness of insurance companies along with draft regulations focussing on prevention of insurer insolvency. hide
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Expert legal support services for the non-profit foundation “Improving financial literacy of the citizens” funded and supervised by the World Bank and Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, in particular, analysing and adjusting agreements with potential contractors of the foundation, settling intellectual property terms (all the information provided by the foundation —  brochures, websites, advertising products — are items subject to intellectual property rights). The scope of project investments  — more than $113 million. hide
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Carrying out at the request of the Deposit Insurance Agency several due diligence projects, in particular, legal and financial studies on 23 corporate borrower of the bank to identify the collectablity of loans and disbursement of credit resources.

Tax and fiscal legislation analysis of risks related to specific aspects of such legal entity form of incorporation.

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Carrying out at the request of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation the research study “Research of methods employed for determination of economically justified expenditures and their allocation to reasonable expenses during calculation of the legal entity income tax base”, in particular, drafting methodological recommendations for tax authorities based on the current legislation of the Russian Federation  and preparing proposals to improve the current legislation in the relevant area in the form of a corresponding draft-law and an explanatory note. hide
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Preparing at the request of Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation a draft-set of regulations (in the form of recommendations) for audit service providers and private auditors to counter legalization of illegal proceeds (money laundering) and financing terrorism, by determining uniform methodological approaches for audit service providers and private auditors in elaborating of internal policies, procedures and internal compliance practices employed to prevent legalization of illegal proceeds (money laundering) and financing terrorism. hide
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Supporting the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts as a lead legal consultancy on a pro-bono basis since 1999. hide
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Preparing draft regulations and standards to ensure implementation of the International Financial Reporting Standards in to the Russian Accounting Standards, draft regulations and standards governing responsibility for non-compliance with the accounting legislation, White Paper on procedures to enforce the accounting legislation along with a draft regulation setting forth the procedure of developing and specifying the Programme for development of national accounting standards, in particular, focussing on benchmarking analysis of the foreign legislation and the Russian draft regulations and standards. hide
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Carrying out at the request of Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation the research study “Improvement of the Russian legislation on matters of taxation during the bankruptcy procedure”, in particular, drafting concepts and draft regulations and standards on implementation of changes in to the Russian legislation to identify the characteristic aspects of entity’s tax treatment during the bankruptcy procedure. hide
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Contributing to the improvement of insolvency and bankruptcy procedures to cater for a more efficient release of frozen assets of a bankrupt party, mobilization of such resources and their efficient utilization for economic development of the Russian Federation. hide
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Developing decree-drafts for the government of the Russian Federation required to implement the federal law “On insolvency (bankruptcy)” and the draft-law “On insolvency (bankruptcy) of financial institutions”; preparing a practical guidance for creditors; researching opportunities to prevent bankruptcy within the limits of the current Russian legislation; benchmark study on investigation of opportunities to increase the bankruptcy assets during the bankruptcy procedure based on the legislation of developed countries: Germany, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Spain, the United States. hide
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Consultative supporting on matters of financial accounting and taxation during the reorganization of a corporation into an open joint-stock company, including developing draft alterations into the legislation to maintain all tax benefits for a new legal structure.  All proposed alterations into the fiscal legislation were enacted. hide
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Preparing and negotiating with the Russian Ministry of Finance and Federal Tax Service “The specific features of tax base creation in nuclear power industry” for the application of Article 25 “Company profit tax” in RF Fiscal Code by companies of nuclear power industry. hide
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