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Ministry of Transportation of the Russian Federation, IАТА (International Air Transport Association), Cathay Pacific Airways, Gazprom Avia, Russian Helicopters, V/O Aviaexport, Freight One (previously — Independent Freight Forwarding Company), Sovcomflot, Gazpromtrans, Vycom, Etihad Airways, T-Service Logistics.
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Legal support as part of the legalization process for electronic flight tickets in Russia; legal support for the IATA BSP (Billing and Settlement Plan) project, a uniform air transport billing and settlement system; drafting contracts with airlines and clients, evaluation of agency ticket selling agreements for passenger transportation, developing terms and conditions for joining the international competitor billing and settlement plan etc. hide
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Developing guidelines for e-freight implementation — a joint project of air freight carriers, freight transportation division of airports, IATA and public bodies, in particular, analysis of more than 70 laws and by-laws, coordination within the Russian branch of IATA and preparing draft documents containing changes that apply to 14 regulatory requirements from public bodies (Federal Customs Service, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Finance, Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya)). hide
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At the request from Ministry of Transportation the research study “Development of economically feasible approaches to establish a system of financial guarantees securing passenger rights under the contract for passenger air transportation” was carried out. hide
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Legal support as part of the asset consolidation process (property portfolio, leasehold rights for land properties) of the commercial port, which is one of the major Russian transport hubs, were distributed between three independent legal entities. As a result of the transaction all port assets were consolidated in one management company. hide
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Drafting procurement procedure guidelines in accordance with the law № 223-ФЗ for a major R&D and production enterprise operating in the aerospace industry. hide
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Drafting cargo transportation agency agreement; collective transportation agreement; four agreements, which provide conditions for company’s operations in the Russian Federation; supplemental agreement to BSP-contract (incentive agreement). hide
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Developing possible schemes of relationships between investment project participants, in particular, a company carrying out import and export operations in the passenger and aircraft engineering sector, to determine an optimal civil law, administrative law and tax effects of such relationship structure with a subsequent adjustment of the draft investment agreement in line with the scheme of relationships between the project participants the entity decided to opt for. hide
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Comprehensive legal support to an aircraft repair plant, which is one of the leading military aircraft assembly enterprises, during the launch of aircraft manufacturing as part of state aerospace industry development programme. hide
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Developing alternative contract schemes for maintaining a rail-road on the Yamal peninsula, evaluation of legal, tax, financial effects for every option, preparing contract templates (transportation agreements, contractor’s agreements etc.) in compliance with the selected new arrangement of contractual relationships. hide
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Conducting at the request of shareholders of a major international transport company an investigation for identifying fraud committed by the company’s managing director/CEO, which resulted in disclosure of company’s trade secrets. Supporting the procedure of terminating employment relationships with the managing director/CEO, in particular, reducing the initially claimed compensation amount by 90%, developing a new employment contract and hiring of a new managing director/CEO. hide
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Legal support to the largest helicopter building holding in the establishment of two joint ventures with Italian and Indian partners, including developing and negotiating of terms for joint ventures creation and a comprehensive legal support during the deal execution. The total amount of investment made above $70 mln. hide
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Optimization of international cargo transportation, including analysis of existing freight contracts and assessment of potential risks; analysis of a deal between inter-dependent companies in view of transfer pricing. hide
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