FBK Legal at Sphere of Justice Forum

26 October 2022

Elizaveta Kapustina, FBK Legal’s Head of Practice, has spoken at the Second Annual Forum titled “The Sphere of Justice. Harmonisation of Private and Public Interests in the Administration of Justice”. The attendees of the event tried to look for new methods to strike a balance among various interests, values and ideas, which are inherent in social interactions in the field of justice.

Elizaveta spoke at a foresight session. She outlined the problems that arise when courts consider cases, such as widespread abuse of process and long-lasting trial beyond established deadlines. Her speech was well received by the audience.

Speakers participating in the panel also discussed the future of litigation: online hearings, the use of artificial intelligence to prepare and even consider cases. Those present at the discussion shared personal experience and suggested ways to tackle accumulated problems.

The Sphere of Justice Forum was organised by Kutafin Moscow State Law University together with professors from Higher School of Economics and Russian State University of Justice with the organisational and methodological support from Sibur, the Russian Arbitration Centre under the Russian Institute of Modern Arbitration, the Mediation Centre under the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and others.

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