Natural resources / Energy

We work with the largest enterprises of the fuel and energy complex in the field of legal and tax consulting, dispute resolution, support for complex complicated projects and transactions.

We have a unique experience of working with oil and gas enterprises, for which hundreds of successful projects have been implemented. Constant and close contact with our customers allows us to keep abreast of the most pressing issues in the sector and constantly improve our skills. It is not the first year that we have been participating in the improvement of Russian legislation in the field of gas supply.

FBK Legal’s services for companies operating in the field of natural resources and energy include the following competencies.

Corporate law
  • Legal support of entity reorganization, liquidation and incorporation procedures, incorporation of complex legal structures
  • Comprehensive support of transactions, particularly acquisition of companies in possession of oil and gas fields
  • Legal support to incorporation of entities operating in the area of natural resources development and exploitation
  • Comprehensive legal support to investment projects related to field/deposit development operations
  • Structuring of transactions, particularly related to natural resources deposit/filed development
  • Legal due diligence
  • Developing structure of business processes, as well as contract schemes stipulating entity’s business processes
  • Drafting corporate documents, local papers, contracts
Legal support of business operations
  • Advisory services on corporate management structure improvements
  • Advising on subsurface resource management legislation, particularly on payment of extraction royalties
  • Advisory services on extraction engineering, particularly for common mineral properties
  • Advising on compliance with licensing, award, renewal and transfer of license requirements
  • Legal support of projects for financing of new technology implementation at new production sites
  • Legal evaluation of R&D results and exclusive rights for R&D results upon completion of the public registration procedure
  • Developing liquidation projects and subsequent oil-well liquidation legal support
  • Advisory services for proof of concept facilities
  • Advising on land, antitrust, currency, customs legislation
  • Conducting advisory workshops
Comprehensive legal support in the construction industry
  • Supporting construction investment projects related to construction, refurbishment, renovation of real estate properties
  • legal and tax structuring of construction investments
Advising on labour legislation
  • Developing Compensation & Benefits Policy
  • Prevention and resolution of labour conflicts
  • Advising on the specific aspects of doing business in the Extreme North and equally classified regions, rotation based work etc.
  • Defence in tax disputes, particularly pre-trial and trial proceedings
  • Tax structuring of transactions, tax risk assessment for potential transactions (contracts).
  • Developing accounting policies and other methodology papers governing tax computation and payment.
  • Tax consulting
  • Tax audit
  • Transfer pricing
  • Tax monitoring
Representation in court
  • Representation in civil, administrative, labour dispute legal proceedings
  • Representation in arbitration courts


Comprehensive support in a project on the construction of a gas transmission system
Legal and tax support of the company’s investing activities under the project
Extensive due diligence for purposes of settlement of a multi-million debt dispute involving leading Russian banks
Screening inspection of an industrial hard coking coal mining complex with over 2.2 billion tons of reserves
Support in an investment project on the coal field infrastructure development
Investment structuring, development of the corporate structure of the project using foreign jurisdictions
Support in the construction of a trunk gas pipeline
Elaboration of the contractual scheme of arrangements between the client and investors, construction and management companies, analysis of potential risks, compliance, investment structuring
Advice in connection with changes in the laws on the electric power sector
Legislative interpretations for a large independent power supply company
Legal support for investments in the construction of a natural gas processing plant
Comprehensive support for a company that conducted a pre-FEED feasibility study
Legal support in the implementation of energy service projects
Legal support in projects on the development and implementation of integrated energy efficiency improvement solutions
Legal support in the performance of a contract on the construction of an ice-resistant oil platform
Development of contracts for supply of platform components and other materials
Legal support in the acquisition of a thermal power plant
Development of an optimal deal structure and deal terms
Support of an international JV for the development and exploitation of oil and gas resources
Tax audit of risks, day-to-day advice
Legal support for an energy corporation
Comprehensive legal aid concerning subsoil use payments
Structuring of business processes in an investment project on field development
Finding an optimal field development model in terms of legal structure and licensing
Development of a transfer pricing handbook for a large Russian group
Development of transfer pricing policies for more than 50 groups of transactions within Russia and international transactions
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