Public Private Partnership

Our team supports complex infrastructure and PPP projects in the oil and gas, energy, transport and construction industries. We advise on all issues: corporate, tax, regulatory and other; we provide services for the improvement of Russian legislation in the oil and gas industry, construction, land and tax legislation.

Infrastructure projects support
  • Legal and tax advice
  • Legal support for the justification of investments in construction
  • Comprehensive support for urban infrastructure development projects
  • Support for projects related to natural resources, energy, exploration contracts, licensing, land acquisition and public procurement
PPP project support
  • Legal risk assessment for a PPP-project (FBK Legal);
  • Assessment and distribution of PPP-project risks
  • Preparing a roadmap (step-by-step plan) of PPP-project implementation;
  • Developing framework PPP-related agreements (concession agreements, PPP agreements);
  • Developing concession agreements under private concession initiatives;
  • Developing and supporting tender procedures;
  • Legal support during the project implementation stage, in particular:
    • advising on construction works, obtaining permits and approvals, registering activities;.
    • advising on environmental legislation and environmental safety.
Development / expert review of regional legislation
  • Developing draft laws for the regional entities of the Russian Federation in compliance with the federal legislation
  • Analysing current laws on PPP in the Russian Federation:
    • checking for the propensity to corruption;
    • identifying the risks of competition being restricted;
    • analysing compliance with current legal enforcement practice and assessing the risks which arise as a result.
  • Developing roadmap to adopt regional PPP-laws
  • Conducting research, comparing international experience in the public private partnership sector, monitoring current legal information as commissioned by regional and municipal authorities


Legal support of a draft concession agreement in the IT sector
Preparation of a plan for the implementation of the project, drafting of a model concession agreement
Legal support in a project on the construction of a toll road
Minimization of project risks from the perspective of the civil, administrative, fiscal and tax laws. Preparation of an appropriate set of documents
Legal support for the participation in procurement procedures and the conclusion of a concession agreement
Advice on specific aspects and risks of the project
Comprehensive support in a project on the construction of a gas transmission system
Legal and tax support in the company’s investing activities under the project
Legal support for the construction of a rehabilitation centre for children
Elaboration of recommendations on the most appropriate legal form of a public-private partnership
Development of an EPC contract methodology
Support in the construction of several large facilities
Development of versions of a concession agreement on the transfer of gas compressor stations
Analysis of proprietary rights to facilities planned to be conceded
Legal support in a PPP project cash flow structuring
Elaboration of recommendations on arranging a financial and tax accounting system
Legal support in a project on the reconstruction of a concession facility
Legal support in the conclusion of a high-tech equipment supply contract
Legal support in choosing a pricing model for the construction of facilities under an investment programme
Unification of contractual construction pricing models
Legal support in the negotiation of construction agreements
Assistance in the client’s negotiation of contractor agreements with the customer and of agreements with subcontractors
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