Energy / Natural resources


Challenging the results of a field tax audit of a company
Successful protection of a company’s interests in a tax dispute over the company’s compliance with the requirements of tax legislation on cross-border transactions and with the requirements of article 54.1 of the Tax Code of Russia
Representation of the client in a judicial dispute with its former general director
Successful legal representation of the company’s shareholders and new management in a dispute with the former general director of a dependent company
Legal support on intellectual property matters during the creation of a JV
Advice to a company and its majority investor on a number of intellectual property matters, in particular, procedures for acquiring exclusive rights to a state-of-the-art technology
Support in bringing a former director to subsidiary liability
Recovery of damages and making a former director liable for the company’s debts
Analysis of a company’s business in terms of risks of the imposition of individual sanctions
Consulting services for an oil refining company
Advice in connection with changes in the laws on the electric power sector
Legislative interpretations for a large independent power supply company
Legal support in the implementation of energy service projects
Legal support in projects on the development and implementation of integrated energy efficiency improvement solutions
Legal support in the acquisition of a thermal power plant
Development of an optimal deal structure and deal terms
Legal support for an energy corporation
Comprehensive legal aid concerning subsoil use payments
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