Our team

FBK Legal is an over 60-lawyer strong highly professional team made up of attorneys at law, tax advisers and legal analysts with profound hands-on experience in providing support for large-scale projects.

Orlova Nadezhda
Attorney at law
Akchurina Galina
Director of the Tax Litigation Department
Ermolenko Alexander
PhD in law
Matveicheva Tatiana
Head of Tax Consulting Practice
Sotov Alexander
Attorney at law, Head of Financial Investigations & Forensic Research Practice, PhD in law
Grigorieva Tatiana
Associate Director of
Tax Litigation Department
Grigoriev Alexander
Tax Litigation Project Manager
Ryabova Natalia
Senior Manager
Shkadova Elena
Head of practice
Dbar Ekaterina
Lead Lawyer
Lomize Artem
Senior lawyer
Gorokhov Sergey
Lead Lawyer
Paramonov Dmitry
Attorney at law
Ermolenko Sergey
Head of practice, PhD in law
Lezhennikova Natalya
Head of practice
Gerasimova Alexandra
Head of Practice, PhD in Law
Ermolenko Alena
Senior lawyer, PhD in law
Golovanev Mikhail
Tax Litigation Project Manager
Shigidina Elena
Head of practice
Bokareva Elena
Head of Practice
Balandina Marina
Senior lawyer, PhD in law
Ivanov Viktor
Senior lawyer
Kapustina Elizaveta
Senior lawyer
Polyakova Valentina
Lawyer, PhD in law.
Susarova Alexandra
Senior lawyer
Golubeva Ekaterina
Senior lawyer
Homich Alesya
Lead Expert
Yarzutkin Alexey
Senior expert
Krivitskaya Olga
Senior lawyer
Shevtsova Darya
Senior Lawyer
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