Industrial production / Engineering


Tax structuring of a RUB 4.8 billion transaction
Tax structuring of an acquisition of the largest unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturer
Challenging the results of a field tax audit of a company
Successful protection of a company’s interests in a tax dispute over the company’s compliance with the requirements of tax legislation on cross-border transactions and with the requirements of article 54.1 of the Tax Code of Russia
Preparation of a company for transition to tax monitoring
A comprehensive project for a large group providing for the client’s transition to tax monitoring
Comprehensive due diligence of three debtors and support for an acquisition of one of them
Large-scale due diligence of three debtors of a bank (a research and analysis centre, a machine-building plant, and a metals plant)
Legal support for a purchase of a leading ceramic granite manufacturer in Russia
Corporate due diligence, including audit of members’ property rights to participatory interests in the company, analysis of transactions with participatory interests and corporate agreements. Transaction structuring
Reorganisation of the Russian part of an international corporation
Comprehensive legal support for the reorganisation of the Russian part of a group and a Ukrainian subdivision of a large international corporation with an annual income of more than $6 billion
Legal support to enter into a non-compete agreement with a raw materials supplier
Risk analysis, advising on cooperation arrangement
Legal support to implement a whistleblowing procedure
Developing local regulations for a company — a leading international packaging manufacturer
Support in a transaction on the acquisition of rights to use a patent for an invention and international registration of the invention
Legal transaction support, advice on registration procedures
Consulting services for an entity subject to the US blocking sanctions (SDN-Syria)
Determination of the legal status and consequences of a legal entity’s being put on the blocking sanctions list
Analysis of the legal framework for the application of new provisional export customs duties on aluminium and their imposition on supplies of aluminium from Russia
Legal support in foreign economic activity in accordance with the new requirements and amendments in the Russian laws
Development of an updated contractual model for cooperation
Development and implementation of an updated contractual model for cooperation of a holding company with foreign partners
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