Legal and tax support for a bank’s leasing programme and issue of instalment cards

22 June 2022

The bank is implementing the programme in cooperation with retailers and major equipment manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple.

·         Comprehensive support in the launch of the bank’s new marketing programme in consumer lending: the bank leases goods to individuals with a purchase option, including:

-    comprehensive analysis of tax and legal consequences of all transactions under the programme;

-    elaboration, on the basis of the analysis, of a step-by-step leasing scheme, with a detailed description of all tax and legal aspects of the process;

-    development of documents formalizing relationships of all parties: programme partners and consumers;

-    support of the programme until launch in 13 Russian cities and towns;

-    tax and legal support in the implementation of the programme in Kazakhstan.

Analysis of tax and legal (including under the banking laws) consequences of various kinds of instalment schemes using credit cards with the aim to find an optimal solution. Experts did their best to minimize tax risks and the tax burden both on the bank and on its clients. In the end, the customer was offered several alternatives for the issue of instalment cards.
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