Aleksey Nefedov

Aleksey Nefedov is a senior lawyer at FBK Legal.

Aleksey has worked in civil, town-planning, corporate and competition law since 1996. He specializes in supporting big investment projects, due diligence, supporting the acquisition of ownership rights to construction in progress, completed real estate, and other assets of legal entities.

He has extensive experience in developing options for and supporting restructuring of the contractual arrangements for capital construction operations.


Industry specialization
Construction / Real estate / Development

Legal specialization
  • Due diligence
  • Transaction support
  • Commercial practice


Kutafin Moscow State Law Academy
M-Logos, long-term advance training for lawyers
M-Logos, advance training in “Legal Due Diligence: Purposes, Methods and Efficient Technologies”
M-Logos, advance training on the topic "Construction and investment activities: current issues of legal regulation and judicial practice"

Major projects:

  • comprehensive legal and tax support for the company – the centralized general contractor of the group of companies, which organizes the construction of major strategic construction projects across Russia, in the process of negotiating and concluding contracts in the field of construction activities;
  • legal support for the investments justification in the construction of a natural gas processing complex;
  • legal support for the development of scenarios for the operation of the plant's railway infrastructure;

  • drafting possible options to offset the costs of field development;

  • due diligence to identify legal risks associated with a construction company’s fulfilment of the contract for the reconstruction and restoration of a cultural heritage site;
  • due diligence to verify compliance with license requirements, legal requirements to hazardous facilities, and environmental regulations, as well as audits by authorized government bodies of a filling station chain in Moscow, a group of cleaning companies, groups of companies manufacturing pharmaceutical products, deicing agents and household chemicals;
  • due diligence to verify compliance with license requirements by a geophysical company;
  • legal support of investment projects of a large energy holding;
  • developing contractual arrangements for the maintenance of an office multi-functional complex with an underground parking lot, including developing legal options for employee catering;
  • legal support to restructure a group of commercial real estate management companies in Moscow;
  • business optimization for a group of manufacturing and trading companies in Volgograd, Moscow Regions, Moscow, Ukraine and Czech Republic;
  • legal support of contractual arrangements of a big Russian general contractor for the construction of industrial infrastructure used to extract and transport natural gas;
  • developing internal procedures for a big Russian company to administer completion of investment projects related to industrial construction (conservation, liquidation, disposal of construction in progress)
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