Alexey Yarzutkin

Alexey Yarzutkin is a Senior Expert at FBK Legal Tax Consulting Practice.

He specializes in the elaboration of VAT and corporate income tax treatment, comprehensive automation and development of tax accounting methodology, conducting tax due diligence and tax audit.

He is well experienced in consulting on disputable taxation issues, profits calculation of controlled foreign companies for tax purposes in the Russian Federation and analyzing tax risks in contracts. 


Industry specialization
Chemicals and petrochemicals
Industrial production and engineering

Legal specialization
  • Tax consulting
  • Tax audit


Financial Academy under the RF Government, degree in Taxes and Taxation

Major projects:

  • tax support for the development of the contractual relationship structure, specifically logistics management as part of the construction of the gas pipeline within the framework of а large scale investment project;
  • comprehensive legal and tax support for the company – the centralized general contractor of the group of companies, which organizes the construction of major strategic construction projects across Russia, in the process of negotiating and concluding contracts in the field of construction activities;

  • tax support for the justification of investments in the construction of a natural gas processing complex; 

  • preparing the company for the transition to tax monitoring, the results of which affect the administration of about $13.5 bln in taxes annually;

  • tax support for the construction of an alternate production well under an investment agreement; 

  • assessment of tax risks in transactions between related parties, development of methodological recommendations for pricing in intragroup transactions; 

  • consulting of the largest electricity generator in Russia on recording of the changes caused by the adoption of a new law in the power sector for taxation purposes;
  • preparing recommendations for the establishment of the financial and tax accounting system for transactions carried out by a construction company under a PPP agreement;
  • tax support to the sale and leaseback project for a leading woodworking company;
  • tax audit and tax support for a Russian television production company during its liquidation and transfer of the sports competitions broadcasting rights to a new owner;
  • legal and tax due diligence under the project featuring the acquisition of wind-powered generating companies;
  • elaborating a financial model of borrowings for a large investment company;
  • assessing tax risks of financing Research and Advanced Development by means of subsidies;
  • legal and tax assessment of transaction structures under PPP agreements, concessionaire agreements;
  • assessment of relations with a German company regarding the rent of telecommunications facilities aimed at holding FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 and the World Cup 2018 in Russia;
  • assessment of the 0% VAT for export operations;
  • development of options for ensuring the safety of the holding's receivables after the entry into force the international court decision;
  • developing the algorithm of formation of the data resource containing information about VAT tax gaps;
  • preparing companies of a large energy holding for the transition to tax monitoring;

  • project support for the coordination of contractual documents in the field of construction activities of a single general contractor of companies of a large energy holding; 


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