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FBK Legal at Stolypin Forum


Dmitry Paramonov, Attorney at Law and Head of International Taxation Practice at FBK Legal, has spoken at the Smart Taxes Section of the Stolypin Forum.

According to Dmitry Paramonov, the Russian tax system requires scientifically based adjustment. Today it is exposed to various negative factors. First of all, such factors include impossibility to predict legislative amendments, randomness and chaotic character of the amendments, and their impact on past events. “Big tax concessions should be granted to the companies that pay all taxes. It especially concerns medium-sized businesses. They bear the full tax burden without significant concessions. It is also necessary to provide more tools for individuals to reduce tax base by deductions; you cannot simply increase the tax rate,” he said.

The Stolypin Forum is an attempt of comprehensive look at Russian socio-economic development. It provides opportunities for discussion between government, business and society. The main goal of the forum is to make the country’s most important decision of choosing a path of future socio-economic development of Russia. The forum was attended by about 1500 people, one third of them being visitors from Russian regions outside Moscow.

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