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FBK Legal about Settlement Agreements with State Authorities at SPBILF


 FBK Legal’s Partner and Director of the Tax Litigation Department Galina Akchurina and Head of Practice Mikhail Golovanev have spoken at the Kommersant Business Breakfast titled “Disputes and Settlement Agreements with the State”, which was held at SPBILF 2019.

Galina Akchurina underlined that pre-trial settlement of tax disputes often provide for suspension of operations on bank accounts and prohibition on property alienation.

“At the same time, the role of settlement agreements with tax authorities or involving tax authorities is increasing, peaceful conflict management and prevention are often more effective than traditional methods of proactive defence,” she said.

Mikhail Golovanev presented an analysis of transfer pricing issues.

“Real life experience shows that there has been an increase in the number of settlement agreements and pre-trial dispute settlement cases. It is a good trend and it would be great if in future there are more such settlements between companies and the state”, he said.

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