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FBK Legal Participates in UNECON Summer School


FBK Legal’s Partner Alexander Ermolenko has participated in the Economic Law Summer School arranged by the Faculty of Law of the St. Petersburg State University of Economics (UNECON).

He gave an online speech to students and underlined that there are two opinions about the future of the legal profession: the populist one and the important one, the latter being correct. The first point of view provides for the automation and robotisation of the work performed by lawyers with gradual substitution of humans for “smart algorithms”. The second one considers the future of law.

“If law itself degrades, lawyers will degrade as well, whoever they may be. That is why it should be developed as a public value,” FBK GT’s Partner said.

The UNECON intensive course on economic law consists of six days of lectures, seminars and workshops for students to update their theoretical knowledge, associate it with real-life cases, train new skills and broaden their minds.

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