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FBK Legal at Career Day Organised by Higher School of Economics


FBK Legal has participated in the career day titled “MOST HSE” that was organised by the Faculty of Law of the Higher School of Economics at the MMCO.Connect platform. The best players of the legal market provided hundreds of students and recent graduates an opportunity to select a career path and pitch themselves to potential employers. Apart from job interviews, the programme included workshops, seminars and even a battle arena.  

Alexander Grigoriev, the Director of Tax Services and Digital Solutions, held a webinar on modern approaches to tax control. He underlined that the firm’s experts help their clients both during traditional audits and during the preparation for the transition to tax monitoring, as well as offer new mediation services for the settlement of tax disputes.

“We hope that someone from today’s students will focus on these areas in their professional life,” Alexander Grigoriev said.

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