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FBK Legal at Masters’ Forum in Voronezh


FBK Legal’s Senior Partner Alexander Ermolenko and Head of Practice Alexandra Gerasimova have participated in the Masters’ Forum held in Voronezh.

When speaking at a roundtable titled “Legal Education: Dreaming of the Future”, Alexander Ermolenko underlined that despite many problems in today’s education, everything can still be fixed, “And many people know how to do that. But everyone sees its own way and wants to go in different directions, that is why at this stage it would be a good idea for us all to take a break and come to an agreement.”

At a panel discussion dedicated to corporate law, he spoke about corporate agreements, made an overview of judicial practice and underlined that this type of agreements between businesspersons is gaining more recognition as a valid dispute resolution tool.

Alexandra Gerasimova moderated a panel discussion on employment law and employment disputes and spoke about dismissal conflicts amid the pandemic, remote work issues and the ways to address them, and judicial practice in Russia and the European Court of Human Rights.


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