FBK Legal at Tax Policy and Tax Disputes Conference

03 October 2023

FBK Legal’s Partner Alexander Grigoriev has participated in the Tax Policy and Tax Disputes Conference organised by Pravo.ru. Leading experts discussed tax legislation changes, spoke about nuances of court practice and shared professional experience.

Alexander Grigoriev's presentation was dedicated to the tax authority’s reconsideration of PP&E useful lives to charge additional corporate property tax. Earlier, companies rarely changed the period during which the use of property, plant and equipment will bring profit. Now they are urged to make that more often: the tax authority may check whether the useful life is correct and suggest an alternative option.

“The risk of claims is high when the useful life set at recognition does not correspond to design or technical documentation of the respective property. It is possible to defend your choice by checking service lives of materials used to produce the main elements of the item, as well as the existence of design and technical documentation supporting the useful life set by the company,” Alexander Grigoriev said.

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