FBK Partner Alexander Grigoriev Speaks at Tax Strategy 2024 Forum in Novosibirsk

05 December 2023

FBK Partner Alexander Grigoriev Speaks at Tax Strategy 2024 Forum in Novosibirsk

The speakers have discussed the following topics at the Forum:

- How the Federal Tax Service selects a company for a tax audit. Ways to legally negotiate with the tax authorities.

- Landmark court decisions on taxes. Changing approaches: how to act in 2024.

- Popular mechanics: arrangements that may raise questions from the tax authorities.

- Internal tax audit: how to independently assess risks in a group of companies.

- Business splits: your chances to protect yourself in 2024.

- Criminal and subsidiary liability for tax evasion: good old practices and new developments.

In his presentation, Alexander Grigoriev focused on mediation as a way to end a dispute with the tax authorities and elaborated on pros and cons of this instrument.

"Mediation is a rather new concept, and we’re just scratching the surface with testing it in various areas of social relations. It’s a process that allows you to improve or re-establish communication and see the alternatives. For example, as part of mediation the parties have the right to go beyond the subject and grounds of their dispute, to reach an agreement on the facts of the case or qualification of a transaction, as well as to find means of securing an obligation. The mediator does not advise, let alone make decisions on the merits: his or her task is to facilitate an understanding between the parties in dispute.

The person-centred approach that the Federal Tax Service is aiming for today is the basis of mediation that, as a concept, was taken from humanistic psychology. It’s no wonder that the interest in using mediation in real cases arising from public legal relationships has only grown stronger over time," he said.

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