Real estate / Construction

We deal with legal and tax structuring of real estate transactions, accompany large construction projects, provide support to investors, customers and contractors, tenants and landlords, conduct litigation in construction, lease relations and other issues related to real estate.

Our lawyers are actively involved in legislative activities, including taking part in the improvement of legislation in the field of housing construction; development of amendments to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation related to the qualification of both major maintenance and reconstruction.

Real estate / Construction
  • Structuring and supporting transactions for acquiring and disposing of real estate properties, groups of real estate assets etc.
  • Due diligence (pre-investment examination) of property titles for real estate properties to be acquired
  • Supporting investment projects related to construction, refurbishment, renovation of real estate properties; legal and tax structuring of construction investments, particularly in compliance with  the law on construction of real estate properties co-funded by owners.
  • Supporting funding and borrowing activities for construction of real estate properties
  • Supporting refurbishment and renovation projects for cultural heritage sites
  • Legal support of development projects
  • Legal support of land sale and purchase projects, in particular verifying title documents and that there are no third party rights, obtaining plausible information on encumbrances, prohibitions and legal disputes related to a land plot, on its designated purpose.
  • Drafting and analysing construction contracts, investment contracts, lease agreements, developing relevant document work-flow
  • Analysing construction schemes, tax and civil law risk assessment
  • Analysing investments into construction projects, evaluation of investment project economic performance
  • Judicial defence related to acquisition, ownership and disposition of properties, supporting title, leasehold rights public registration procedures etc.
  • Challenging decisions on adjusting real estate cadastral values


Support to optimise management of real estate worth RUB 4.5bn
Comprehensive legal and tax support of assets restructuring and optimisation of real estate management
Supporting several M&A and real estate transactions, representing a company in disputes with lessees
Legal support of a sale of Moscow land plots owned by a group of companies and buildings located on them
Supporting a purchase of a company that owns a land plot
Comprehensive legal support of long-term investment cooperation between two big construction companies
Legal support of investment activities of a big energy company
Full legal and tax support of the construction of a gas transmission system
Legal support to a bank in real estate transactions
Legal due diligence of a debtor company, an owner of a shopping mall; supporting a purchase of a production complex
Supporting a purchase of a company that owns several buildings and structures on a land plot leased from the city of Moscow
Comprehensive due diligence of a target company for borrowing purposes and deal support
Legal support to implement a contract for the construction of an ice-resistant oil platform
Legal support of a large-scale EPC contract
Legal support of general contractor replacement
Developing a trilateral agreement between the previous contractor and the new contractor
Legal support to transfer investment construction projects
Developing a roadmap to transfer three investment projects
Supporting construction of a trunk gas pipeline
Developing a contractual arrangement between the client and investors, construction and management companies, analysing potential risks, compliance, investment structuring


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