Transportation / Aviation

Corporate law services
  • Legal and tax structuring of transactions, structuring of investments, legal due diligence
  • Supporting incorporation and accreditation of foreign company representative offices in Russia
  • Development and coordinating provisions for setting up joint ventures in Russia and abroad
  • Drafting corporate documents, local papers, contracts
  • Contributing to the development of regulatory framework, particularly on behalf of Ministry of Transportation of the Russian Federation, and also providing legal and tax support for maintaining electronic flight tickets in Russia.
Legal support of business operations
  • Legal support related to passenger complaints, particularly preparing replies to complaint letters, assistance through disputes over violation of provisions of agreements for passenger transportation, transportation of  baggage, cargoes, mails, compensation of losses etc., as well as optimization of passenger management procedures  
  • Supporting aircraft sales, registration, leasing transactions
  • Analysing and changing aircraft freight scheme
  • Legal support on matters related to labour and employment legislation, representation in court
  • Legal support on matters related to protection of personal data, developing by-laws on personal data protection
  • Advising on industry specific legislation
  • Defence in tax disputes, particularly pre-trial and trial proceedings
  • Analysing tax risks of potential transactions (contracts)
  • International tax planning
  • Drafting procedural guidelines for tax accounting
  • Tax consulting
  • Transfer pricing


Legal support for the International Air Transport Association
Legal support of e-ticket legalization in Russia
Legal support of the e-freight standard setup in Russia
Tax support for four eurobond issues of a transport leasing company
Preparation of comfort letters for the eurobond issue prospectus
Developing a legal structure to consolidate assets of a port
Legal support to consolidate assets
Legal support to a freight forwarder
Preparing a legal opinion with a study into the situation related to the bankruptcy of a counterparty
Arrangements between investment project participants
Development of possible schemes for arrangements between project participants, including a company that operates in the passenger and freight aviation equipment sector
Legal support to a major railway company
Comprehensive legal and financial due diligence of five subsidiaries for a train car repair plant
Pre-action settlement of a precedent-setting dispute over VAT payment in the field of maritime navigation
Representation of a large Russian shipping company in a dispute with a taxation authority over VAT taxation
Structuring of and legal support for a transaction
Legal support for investment activities by acquiring participatory interests in the authorised capital
HR due diligence of the Russian part of a logistics group
HR due diligence of the Russian companies of a group during the acquisition of the company
Support in the acquisition of a private business jet
Structuring of a deal on the purchase of a private jet
Tax structuring of leasing operations for a railway company
Legal support in identifying and reviewing possible tax consequences of rolling stock leasing
Representing a transport company
Support during control and supervisory activities, due diligence
Legal support in trading
Legal evaluation of a proposed coal supply scheme
Support in the modification of the existing contractual structure
Legal support concerning the modification of the contractual structure providing for joint arrangements


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